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Importance of Moral Codes and Responsibilities for Designers

Are advertising companies struggling hard to get the attention of prospective clients and improve their engagement? Well this is actually not something new in an ‘Attention Economy.’ With post-war advertisement booming into the market worldwide, the medium seems to have moved from printing to what we call it now, digitalized channels. However, the approach has been quite similar and these marketing campaigns are more effective as user behavior understanding seems to have been improved.

If we gather knowledge from different fields of social science that include – behavioral science, cult psychology, behavioral economics and habit formation, designers have identified the main drivers of decision making and human motivation. This allows products to manipulate natural behavior of users.

According to Tristan Harris, the business model made for advertisement purpose says, ‘I don’t just want some of your attention, I actually make more money the more attention I get from you. I have an unbounded appetite for more attention.’

First Things First Manifesto

Ken Garland has enclosed First Things First Manifesto in the year 1964. When the temptation of advertisement was attracting sharp minds at an increasing rate, Garland had called for students, photographers and graphic designers to concentrate their full attention on more effective causes like culture, arts and education for spreading awareness in the world.

The actual program had been revisited in 2000 and then again in 2014 as the need became more important.

Experts working in web design agencies in Dubai have said, advertisement has not slowed down and instead of dealing with billboards and TV advertisements, the recent report in social media, smart phones and apps has created a much better approach for combined efforts.

The race to the bottom of the brain stem

Tristan Harris is theex- design ethicist at Google. He is now leading a non- profit movement to support technology along with humanity.

“The problem is that as each app in the attention economy—whether it’s a meditation app, Snapchat, Facebook or Netflix—they start ratcheting up more and more persuasive design choices, to stick us to the product for longer, to keep us coming back: to addict us, even.”

Tristan has invented the term the race to the bottom of the brain stem. According to this, every company needs to compete with the next so that you might click as well as stay.When YouTube added the feature of auto-play for starting the next video, Netflix also had to do the same or else they might have to lose out on their market share.

Aboutmillennial problem

We almost check our phones several times in a day. We base the popularity depending on the ‘likes’ and followers. Thus, depression, stress and suicide seem to be on the rise with each passing day. With millennial problem, the entire generation is growing up even with lower confidence level. Due to ‘on demand’ access and immediate gratification, they have entered our nervous system. The latest technology has been rising at a fast pace and we, as a species, are struggling to keep up socially.

Experts at a reputed web design agency in Dubai discovers, when designing any product or service related to the needs of people, it is important to understand our online users in order to do the work successfully.  Thus, the main role of a good designer is to communicate with users and understand their exact requirement for delivering the best product/service possible.

According to Churchill, Roosevelt et al:

“With great knowledge comes great responsibility”.

The code of conduct

Designers need to have some kind of responsibility in their work and know what impact their job has in the minds of people. It is important to consider the extremes to determine if it has a positive or negative effect on them.

While for other professionals that include architecture, medicine and law, there are some governing bodies that help maintain a decent code of conduct. However, there is no such thing in case of designing industry.

Talking about the social media that can impact on the life of designers, it is already time to discover a principled framework in the new companies and technologies.