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How Chatbots are an Important Part of a Consumers Search Experience

Bing has been testing with a feature known as chatbot in search results. According to Columnist David Freeman, the shift can have a major impact on the marketers.

When we think about the future of organic search, some considerations are: 

  • Mobile-first index
  • AI
  • Machine learning
  • Voice search
  • Natural language processing
  • HTTP 2
  • Personalization
  • Site speed and consumer behavior changes due to digital marketing assistants and Internet.

However, one technology yet not found in the list is chatbots that can become a greater part of consumer search experience. Bing has been experimenting with chatbots in both organic and paid search results.

Though chatbots are new in the world of technology, most people will not have found them in action or how these integrations may be used.

For example, if chatbot integrations become a reality in search results, they might be used for performing the following search results:

  • Go for a test drive
  • Stay engaged with customer service
  • Order products and services

Challenges chatbots will face in future

If you consider Bing has been successful in experimenting, there will be chatbots rolling out in search results. Reaching popular brands to a place where they can leverage technology will be a challenge not faced by the marketing teams earlier.

Experts working in a reputed digital marketing agency in Dubai have said, Do brands consist of customer service setup and data infrastructure for this? Who will be leading the team and are they ready to cooperate? What are the reporting metrics needed? Well, there will be new process and relationships that needs to be maintained.

Both reporting and measurement are going to bring new challenges as consumers have to deal with several brands with search results than on-site. Google Analytics platform will have to search for a suitable way to maintain a track for the interactions.

Are chatbots going to be an important part of consumer search experience in future? If they are then both in-house teams as well as agencies will need to set expectations with the brands related to data integration requirements and level of resource.

Investing in the latest technology and becoming an early adopter might produce effective results till consumer usage however; you will be able to win over your competitors with additional benefit.

You can still wait till consumer adoption reaches higher levels, but you will then gain visibility in search results.

Prioritizing your need for short, middle and long term

Although this is the latest development, yet it is not known if chatbots will be a permanent feature in search results. If they do, it will probably be in the middle and long term.

It is important to keep a keen eye on how search engines are proceeding, however this kind of integration is suitable for big brands that perform the necessary tests within an estimated budget. The learning and testing procedure should not focus completely on search integration rather chatbots can be used for improving consumer experience across earned, paid and owned channels.

For most popular brands, the whole concentration should be on how to improve performance within 12 to 18 months. With mobile web usage and mobile first index, several brands are still providing mobile experience that is not consumer-centric. Thus, addressing the specific issue is a major priority to make your brand popular among the buyers who are interested in purchasing them or availing your services.